Q: What exactly does CollegeTourBot.com do?

A: CollegeTourBot.com has two main functions:

1) Consolidation of tour data: Every college has its own unique tour webpage. CollegeTourBot.com takes all of these pages and puts them all in one convenient location.

2) Tour opening pinging: If a tour you are keen on attending is booked, simply click to fill out a tour request form and receive a text/email as soon as an opening arises.

Q:Why did you make this website?

A: I was traveling with my family to the New England area to tour several schools. What I did not expect, however, is that the tours were all fully booked. I checked the school websites 3 or 4 times a day to see if a tour would open up. No Luck. After taking a multitude of self-guided tours, it hit me. I knew that I couldn't be the only student out there facing this problem. The schools didn't have a system that notified students of tours opening up. It was time for me to get to work!
Q: I got notified that a tour opened up but when I went to the school website, the tour was closed. What gives?

A: There are kids all over the world trying to lock up a space on these college tours. You must have missed it by seconds.
Q: Why is school XYZ not on CollegeTourBot.com?

A: The simple answer is I wish I could find the time!
CollegeTourBot.com supports over 100 schools. Many schools have their unique style of displaying tour data which requires a separate program written to handle that school's data. If the school is not listed, fill out a request form here and I'll try and crank it out for you guys!
Q: Instead of notifying me of a tour opening up, why not just book the tour for me Mr. Big Shot CollegeTourBot?

A: I thought about this but decided against it. Each school has unique questions they ask each student. I would have to ask you guys to give me all that information ahead of time to fill in for you. This overcomplicates the website to be very difficult to maintain. For instance, what if the school added or removed certain questions? I would have to keep track of that.
Q: Does CollegeTourBot.com support virtual tours?

A: No. Virtual tours often have unlimited capacity. CollegeTourBot.com is designed for people attending in-person on-campus tours where space is limited.
Q:Your website has helped me. What can I do to thank you?

A: Write me an email at info@collegetourbot.com. Tell me your story. Knowing that I'm making a difference motivates me to do more.
You can also buy me a coffee using the Donate button.
Q: This idea is pretty cool! Did you patent it?

A: Yup! US Patent Pending Number 63/381,608